• Great Taste Guaranteed
  • Farm-fresh from Shizouka, Uji & Yame, Japan
  • Zero Sugar or Fillers
  • Blended in Small Batches

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Farm-Fresh Authentic Japanese Matcha

  • Just purchased several varieties of matcha and we love them all! The birthday cake is really tasty. Compared the the ceremonial grade matcha I had been using from another brand, I like this one much better. Fast shipping too!5/5 Dave
  • ... I received this in my Sipsby subscription and it might honestly be the best matcha powder I've had thus far (and I'm admittedly a bit of a tea snob). I simply followed the instructions on the back of the sample bag I received, and I added the matcha/hot water mix to oat milk on ice and it is genuinely as good – if not better – than most of my nearby coffee shops' iced matchas.5/5 Alyssa
  • I first got the peach flavor matcha as a sample packet. As soon as I finished the sample packet--I needed more!!! So yummy. It's fresh and just feels happy to drink. I am excited to try more flavors as 3leaf has totally expanded my horizons on flavored matchas. 🙌5/5 Alia

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