3 Leaf Tea Gives Back

3 Leaf Tea sources genuine Japanese matcha, that gives you sustained energy without a crash.

We also believe in using our business platform as a force for good - to inspire, create change, and give back, which is why 1% of all sales are donated to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.

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Great tasting, smooth matcha. Guaranteed.

Some matcha companies skimp on quality, which leads you to trying bitter, unpleasant matcha - making you think all matcha tastes that way.

3 Leaf Tea imports matcha direct from growers in Japan to ensure consistently smooth fresh flavor, and creates a variety of naturally flavored blends. With 10+ sugar-free flavored blends, there’s a flavor for everyone.

Our Difference
Sustained Energy, without the crash or jitters.

Although matcha contains half as much caffeine as coffee, it provides an even, more sustained energy to get you through your day.

Rich in an amino acid called L-theanine, which calms you down, paired with caffeine helps keep you level headed throughout the day.

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Make Matcha in Minutes - Just shake, sprinkle, whisk, or blend.

You like the idea of matcha, but you’ve always thought you needed special tools to make it. We make the process easy - just blend, whisk or shake to make the perfect matcha in minutes.

Matcha so simple to make, you’ll regret not trying it sooner.

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