Health Benefits of Matcha

L-Theanine Matcha Benefits

All tea leaves themselves are a surprisingly rich source of vitamins and minerals, however, Western tea culture dictates that the leaves are to be discarded after brewing. Matcha is different. It’s made by grinding the whole tea leaf into a fine powder. Leaves harvested at the peak of perfection and are then dried and stone ground to release the natural power locked inside the leaves. Matcha contains a unique combination of potent amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that have the potential to help you in ways no other tea can.

Matcha Orac Value

Our matcha can be enjoyed in drinks, baked goods or as a unique twist on your favorite recipe. No matter how you choose to experience matcha, you can enjoy its abundant benefits too. 

*Antioxidants have the power to neutralize potentially cancer-causing free radical cells in your body. What’s more, antioxidants are also shown to slow cognitive deterioration in older adults and improve information processing speeds in the brain, keeping you smarter for longer.