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Coconut Matcha Review
  • Coconut matcha has been our #1 top seller of all time, and also happens to be the first flavor we've ever blended! So creamy and smooth, you won't want to put it down. This coconut matcha seamlessly blends with our other flavors - perfect for experimenting to make your own unique combinations!

    Some matcha companies skimp on quality, which leads you to try bitter, unpleasant matcha - making you think all matcha tastes that way. We import our great-tasting premium matcha direct from Shizuoka, Japan and blend in small batches to give you the best possible matcha experience.

    Tasting Notes: Creamy, Sweet, Smooth

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews

The coconut matcha is both versatile and refreshing. It has a bold flavor but mixes well with other flavors.

Guest Customer

This is the hest matcha! The product tastes amazing and doesn't add any sugar. I appreciate that they do. Ot add sugar, i cannchoose if i was to add sweetness and can stull be sugsrfree. I have tried other brands but recently switched to only 3 leaf.

Good when mixed with regular matcha

The flavor Is a bit artificial but I really like it when combined with a regular matcha, about 50-50. Gives just a hint of the coconut flavor and cuts the artifical-ness.

Be a Matcha mixologist!

I love trying new combinations of Matcha and today I combined Coconut and Raspberry. Yum O!!! The coconut flavor is just right, and I imagine it will pair well with other flavors too. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Amy c
So good!

I love this matcha! So far the coconut matcha is my favorite - it's so freshing and good !