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Chocolate Matcha Review
  • A chocolate lover's perfect pairing! Delicately sweet, with a smooth cacao flavor, this matcha is the perfect pick-me-up. A great flavor for mixing with others (chocolate raspberry matcha anyone?), and as always, blended with zero sugar.

    3 Leaf Tea imports our premium matcha direct from Shizuoka, Japan to ensure consistently smooth fresh flavor for all our flavored blends.

    Tasting Notes: Creamy, Sweet, Rich

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Shannon O.

OBSESSED! Matcha has become my lifeline these days. This flavor with the cooler weather is like a hot chocolate fix without the mountain of sugar. I've mixed this with coconut matcha with a splash of almond milk for an almond joy effect, and with raspberry matcha, which is so so good. It's incredible on it's own as well!

Summer T.

Coffee was always my beverage of choice until I was introduced to matcha and the wonderful health benefits that come along with it back in 2017. It was a complete game changer for me. Nothing compares to 3 Leaf's wide selection of different flavors and the amazing quality that you taste with every sip. My go-to is an oat milk matcha latte. The chocolate matcha is honestly incredible, especially when paired with the coconut.

Nicole S.

Perfect Matcha for when you want a little extra decadence. I make it with the recommended amount of hot water, froth and then mix in warmed milk. Rich, creamy and full of goodness too. So glad I tried this flavor!

Angela P.

If you like sweeter drinks like me, you’ll definitely want to add something to sweeten it. I find that I like a small amount of creamer. Because the chocolatey taste isn’t as sweet as I had hoped, I like to mix this with the lavender matcha or the birthday cake matcha.

Brianna G.

Chocolate flavored matcha has become one of my favorites! It tastes so smooth, rich, and creamy - just like biting into an actual milk chocolate bar.