Our Matcha Difference

What makes our matcha so special? Why buy ours over our competitors? Read our 5, simple reasons:

Tea Farms

1. Farms

All of our matcha is imported directly from growers in Japan. We have cut out the middleman, which keeps the methods of production transparent. We also have a direct line of contact with our farms, so any questions that we don't have answers to can be promptly answered, right from the source. Because we know exactly where our tea is coming from and how it was raised, we can promise consistently delicious, fresh and safe matcha.

2. Freshness

All of our matcha is fresh. Unlike other companies that place giant orders and let their products sit on the shelves, we are constantly moving stock. We receive regular shipments of tea straight from the farms, blend it all in house, and then ship it all off to our customers. Our tea doesn’t rest until it is in your mug.

3. Quality

We've sampled lots of matcha from various farms, and have chosen only the best tea from reputable sources to introduce to you. Some companies pass off low grade, bad tasting matcha for high quality and convince unsuspecting customers that matcha is something that it isn’t. We believe your first matcha experience should be a good one. No matter what delicious way you choose to try matcha, all of our signature blends are made with only the best.

4. Passion

The founder and owner, Luciana, is passionate about sharing the benefits of matcha with others. She stumbled upon the drink when her friend came back from a year-long foreign exchange program in Japan. Luciana built the business through lots of taste testing, and trail and error to provide only the best for customers. Read more about our story here.

5. Shopping Experience

We want to create a great relationship with our customers, both in-store and online. There are several methods to contact us here, and we'll respond to any questions you have about our products or our philosophy.