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How to Prepare Matcha

Matcha is different than loose leaf teas that are steeped and discarded, so it has to be prepared differently. Because matcha is ground into a fine powder, it’s incredibly versatile and can be prepared in a variety of simple, easy, and tasty ways including smoothies, creamy lattes, and more. You can even sprinkle matcha on top of fresh fruit, oatmeal, cereal or yogurt for a quick, healthy treat.

For the best experience, we recommend using our premium grade matcha for smoothies, lattes, or matcha on the go. Our ceremonial grade matcha is very fine and prone to clumping if not sifted, so it’s best reserved for traditional preparation.

Matcha and Water Temperature

Matcha is very delicate, so it’s important to make sure you’re preparing it with the right water temperature to preserve its quality and flavor – water that’s too hot will result in a bitter tasting matcha. For best results, use water heated to 175°F.

If you don’t have a thermometer or temperature kettle, do this instead:

  1. Bring water to a rolling boil and pour one cup into a bowl or mug. Then pour the hot water into a separate, room temperature bowl or mug. This helps to cool the boiling water down to the right temperature for preparing matcha.
  1. If you’re keeping an eye on the water as it boils, look for small bubbles that are the size of “shrimp eyes” (roughly 3 mm) up to the size of “crab eyes” to rapidly form and rise to the top.

There are many different ways to enjoy a matcha experience with or without special equipment. 

woman whisking matcha in white bowl with bamboo whisk

Traditional Matcha Preparation:

1. Sift 1 tsp matcha into a bowl.

2. Add 2 ounces of 175° F water.

3. Using a bamboo whisk, whisk in a zig-zag motion until frothy. Add 6 more ounces of hot water. 

Hot/Cold Matcha Latte:

Sift 1 tsp of matcha into a bowl, then carefully add 2 ounces of 175° F water. Using a bamboo whisk, whisk in a zig-zag motion until thoroughly blended and frothy. Add 6 more ounces of warm or cold dairy or plant-based milk and sweeten to taste. 

If you don't have a bamboo whisk, our milk frothers work just as well. We recommend adding water first, then matcha to prevent it from clumping or sticking to the bottom. 

measuring peach matcha into shaker bottle
Matcha on the go:

Add our premium grade matcha to a bottle of water, cap tightly, and shake vigorously until thoroughly blended. Or, make a quick iced matcha latte by adding dairy or plant-based milk, sweetener, premium grade matcha, and ice to a cocktail shaker or thermos and shake well to combine.

Matcha Smoothie:

Matcha is a great addition to smoothies. Add 1-2 teaspoons of our premium matcha to your favorite smoothie recipe, blend, and enjoy! 


"How do I keep my matcha fresh?"

If consumed within one month...

Keep matcha in original packaging, or transfer contents into a light-proof, airtight container. Store matcha at room temperature, preferably in a cooler area. Because matcha is the entire tea leaf ground into a fine powder, it oxidizes at a faster rate than most other teas. Consuming our fresh matcha quickly will ensure flavor and quality will not be sacrificed. 

.... 6 months

Just like certain foods keep longer in the refrigerator, matcha is no different. You can store our matcha in the fridge for up to 6 months. Make sure the matcha is in its original packaging or transferred into a lightproof and airtight container. Before use, let matcha come to room temperature before opening to avoid any condensation to enter, causing the matcha to clump. 

... 1 year

Stocking up on your favorite, limited edition blend? No worries! We recommend opening our original packaging and squeezing out as much air as possible so the bag lays flat. (Be careful so you don't lose any matcha!) From there, put our original sealed bag into a freezer bag, wrapping it tightly, and once again squeezing all of the air out. When you are ready to consume the matcha, let the package sit until it comes to room temperature to avoid clumping. 



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