Our Mission

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Our Story

We’re 3 Leaf Tea, an online matcha shop, community, and café based in Auburn, New York – a small town in the heart of the Finger Lakes with a population of 30,000 people. It’s an unlikely location for a matcha shop, and that’s exactly why we’re here.

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Meet Luciana Torous, our founder and owner. She was born and raised in Auburn, and she never imagined owning her own business, let alone a tea business.

In fact, she didn’t even care for tea until she tasted it properly brewed for the first time.

One sip changed everything, and Luciana’s newfound passion for tea eventually led her to matcha. Another sip changed even more when Luciana discovered the matcha experience, which helped to alleviate the anxiety she struggled with since childhood.

She knew she had to share it with everyone, so she started a business.

3 Leaf Tea launched online in January 2015. Seven months later, Luciana opened a brick-and-mortar location built on a passion for community and wellness in downtown Auburn. Our roots are local, but our mission is global.

A note from the owner:

Struggling with anxiety and OCD, I never thought tea would change my life. Matcha wasn't just a beverage, it was an experience. With each sip, I could feel my mind calming down, and a warming comfort wash over me. I loved the beautiful rich green color, the sweet, vegetal aroma, and the smooth, rich taste of this unique beverage. Matcha picked me up in the most calming way, without making my symptoms worse. This experience led me to start this company, after a trip to Japan, to share this feeling with others, and use my business as a platform to help others struggling with mental health issues. I can't thank you enough for your support because without you this mission wouldn't be possible. This is #mymatchastory and I'd love to hear yours.

- Luciana Torous


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