How We Naturally Flavor Our Teas

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Matcha has a unique flavor. It’s hard to imagine that incomparable flavor could actually pair well with common flavors we encounter daily, yet here we are. 3 Leaf Tea’s flavored matcha tastes exactly as you would expect, but without overpowering the matcha’s base flavor. While we have an extensive line of delicious flavors, not every flavor we tried was a success. Read on to find out more about how we flavor our teas and which is the most popular. Can you guess what it is?

Our flavored teas start with stone ground matcha directly imported from our grower in Shizuoka, Japan. We then blend the highest quality natural flavors directly into the tea. Because the flavoring is so concentrated, only a small amount is needed. Plus, because only a small amount is needed, the nutritional value of the matcha doesn’t change: there are no added calories, sugar or fillers. Finding the right amount of flavoring for each blend is a process of trial and error. Each flavor is a direct result of bolt of inspiration and a lot of taste testing!

We’ve tried many flavors and some did not taste like we expected. As a staple in more than a few typical holiday dishes, we thought cranberry would be a festive addition to our lineup. Drank straight, it was delicious. However, we realized after making it into a latte that cranberry and milk don’t get along. There have also been a few unexpected pleasant surprises. Have you tried pear matcha? Even we doubted that pear matcha would be as appetizing as it is, but it's quickly become a well-loved favorite.

Coincidentally, our very first blended flavor is also our most popular. It’s coconut! Tasty straight and as a latte, coconut has been a crowd favorite since our establishment.

Our matcha is never flavored using artificial flavoring and because of the well-balanced concentrations, each blended matcha tastes exactly like what it’s named for. We are proud to offer great tasting healthy beverages to our customers and are always working on new exciting flavors. What flavor would you like to see next? Let us know!


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