Matcha - Japanese Green Tea

Pear Matcha

Peach Matcha Review
  • An unexpected flavor PEARing, that works oh so well! Ripe, juicy Bartlett pear flavor expertly blended with our smooth, premium matcha.

    How did we decide to try blending pear flavored matcha? Well, it happened by accident. One day, our owner, Luciana, was eating a pear while drinking matcha and realized that both flavors complemented each other very well. From there, she went on a mission to create this delicious pear flavored matcha. The rest... is history.

    3 Leaf Tea imports all of our premium matcha from Shizuoka, Japan. Once our shipment arrives, we blend every flavor in small batches, pack it, and ship it to you.

    Tasting Notes: Ripe, Smooth, Sweet