Top 5 Ways To Use Matcha

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pumpkin soup with matcha

People are often surprised to hear that matcha can be mixed into just about anything.

Because it tastes good sweetened and unsweetened, there are many ways to enjoy matcha besides mixed into a drink. Today we will introduce our top 5 favorites ways to have fun with matcha.

1. Drinking matcha straight or in a latte

3 Leaf Tea is not only an online store, but a matcha café based in Auburn, NY. Personally, we like matcha the best as a drink - we feel our customers agree. We’re always thinking of new and exciting lattes to keep your matcha experience fun and fresh. Ice-cold matcha or matcha lattes are a perfect hot weather pick-me-up and a soothing mug of warm matcha is the perfect way to start your day. It’s an all season drink that helps keep you feeling vibrant and energized. The best part? It's super easy to prepare.

2. Adding matcha to a smoothie

Unlike drinking matcha straight or in a latte, adding matcha to a smoothie isn’t the star here. Adding a spoonful of matcha to a strawberry smoothie doesn’t make it a matcha smoothie; it’s a fruit smoothie with matcha. Just a spoonful of matcha might not give a very potent matcha flavor but that might be perfect for whatever flavor smoothie you’re making. Just because you can’t taste the matcha doesn’t mean you aren’t getting its benefits. Of course, you can make matcha the main character in your smoothie; just add more. Adding more or less matcha is another fun way to give variety to your smoothies.

3. Mixing matcha into…

fruit bowl topped with matcha

Matcha makes a great topping. Try sprinkling some matcha into your next bowl of fruit and yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream, pudding or granola. Think of matcha as an ingredient for a dip or spread: you can mix matcha into whipped cream for a naturally colored, vibrant green fruit dip. Adding a spoonful of matcha to your favorite honey or butter for your morning toast or pancakes is another easy way to enjoy your matcha on a busy morning.

4. Baking with matcha

Chocolate chip cookies? Why not matcha chocolate chip cookies? Have a banana bread recipe passed down from your great-grandmother? Why not try that bread with some matcha cream cheese frosting? You could even melt white chocolate and add matcha into it to make various chocolate dipped treats. Whatever favorite recipe you have, there is likely a way to incorporate matcha into it, if you so desire. 

5. Matcha skincare

Because matcha is so rich in antioxidants, it makes sense to incorporate it into your skin care routine. You can make a simple matcha face mask from matcha, water, honey and olive oil. It is said that matcha has anti-aging properties and can help reduce redness. If you are worried about sensitive skin or have skin allergies, be sure to test a little bit on your skin first to avoid any reactions. If you’re an avid soap maker, adding matcha to soap is another way to get its wonderful benefits and acts as a natural exfoliant.

These are our favorite ways to have fun with matcha but we want to hear from you. Did any of these methods surprise you? Do you have a different way you enjoy matcha? Be sure to let us know!


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