Raspberry Matcha

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Raspberry Matcha Review
  • Another one of our best-selling flavors, raspberry matcha is a classic flavor pairing. We combined the naturally sweet flavor of fresh raspberries with our smooth, premium matcha which we import directly from Shizuoka, Japan. The end result is a fruity, sugar-free matcha that's great served both hot and iced.

    Tasting Notes: Sweet, Juicy, Bright

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Mary W.

Subtly sweet with undertones of raspberry, this is my new favorite matcha! Love the fruity aroma with the vegetal undertones.

Michelle W.

This is a great flavor, especially when added to fruit smoothies!

Cameron B.

I prepared this one as a sparkling iced matcha and it was so delicious and refreshing! The raspberry flavor is very authentic, and tastes like real raspberries instead of candy. And the matcha base is lovely, as usual! Thanks for another winner, 3 Leaf!

Kimberly P.

Was a little bitter for me, but I could see someone really enjoying it if they like bitter! Had a good flavor otherwise. :) I imagine it'd be good mixed with other flavors.


Raspberry is one of my favorite flavors I've tried thus far. Since the raspberry flavor is fresh, bright, and slightly sweet, it really pairs nicely with the creamy, grassiness of the matcha. My default preparation is an iced latte, but this flavor is one, dare I say it, that I think I’d enjoy just as much on its own as I would in a latte or some other preparation (matcha shot, matcha lemonade, etc.). I'll definitely be repurchasing this one.