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Tasting Notes:

Nutty, Invigorating, Smooth

This special harvest was grown and imported just for us, by Mr. Saito, straight from Yame, in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. We are so happy to be the first company in America to bring you this incredible matcha. Upon opening the bag, you'll smell the rich, smooth chocolate aroma, and see the beautiful deep green color. Once prepared, this ceremonial grade matcha has a complex nutty, but smooth vegetal taste. As the matcha cools, the subtle chocolate notes become more apparent. 

Every Fall and Spring Mr. Saito takes tea leaves from his crop to have them analyzed and then, based on the lab results, adjusts the water, fertilizer, and nutrients in the soil in order to ensure the best possible tea crop. This specific tea plant cultivar is called Okumidori, or "deep green," which accurately describes this matcha's beautiful color.


Ceremonial grade matcha imported from Yame, Japan. 




Sift 1 tsp matcha into a bowl and then add 2 oz of 175° F water. Using a bamboo whisk, whisk in a zig zag motion until frothy. Add 6 more oz of water. Sip, savor and enjoy!

Hot/Cold Matcha Latte:

Sift 1 tsp of matcha into a bowl, then add 2 oz of 175° F water. Using a bamboo whisk, whisk in a zig zag motion until well blended and frothy. Add 6 oz of warm or cold milk. Sweeten to taste. 

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