Lavender Matcha

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Lavender Matcha Review
  • Limited edition Spring flavor! Deliciously floral, light lavender complements our premium grade matcha's, subtle sweetness. This lavender matcha will help you feel both calm, but alert.

    Although matcha contains half as much caffeine as coffee, it provides an even, more sustained energy to get you through your day.

    Made with fresh, premium matcha, imported directly from Shizuoka, Japan.

    Tasting Notes: Floral, Light, Calming

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Relaxing & Delicious

Lavender can often be a flavor complained about as "soapy" when not processed correctly. Not the case with this 3Leaf Lavender Matcha! It's subtle and refreshing flavor is delightful. It's a great alternative for anyone not into the fruity flavors yet want to try something new. I highly recommend it.

Michelle S.

Love the lavender matcha! The flavor is noticeable but not overpowering.

Angela P.

I’ve been into all things floral and came across lavender matcha. I knew I had to try it! The first time I tried it, the water I used was too hot and it ended up tasting bitter. Once I realized and corrected my mistake, I’ve been enjoying this flavor ever since. It’s my favorite one so far!

Kimberly P.

So delicious, highly recommend!💜💚🍵

Mary Beth B.

A new add to my list of many 3 Leaf Tea favorites! Even as the temps outside warm up, I love my hot matcha latte!