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    Nutty, Smooth, Mild

    Imported from the same farm we get our premium matcha. Finely ground from roasted sencha leaves, this hojicha powder has a naturally sweet, nutty undertone that is perfect on its own or in a latte.

Customer Reviews

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R Gore
My new treat!

I love matcha but can’t have much caffeine after 3 pm. Heard about hojicha and gave it a try. Tasty, and I sleep like a baby! I used maple syrup as my sweetener and added a tiny bit of warm water to thin it. Topped it with seven ounces cold milk - it is 79F - and hit it with a small frother. Look at the fluffy top! Delicious, and down the hatch too fast.

alisha Reynolds
great stuff!

We use 3 Leaf's matcha and hojicha for our lattes at my cat cafe. They whisk up perfectly and complement each dairy option, and each syrup flavor perfectly! 10/10, customers love it- proud to serve your product!

Laura N
Comforting and cozy!

I love matcha but had never tried powdered hojicha before, and I'm definitely a fan! While I prefer matcha cold, I think hojicha is nicest warm because of the toasty/nutty flavor profile. (Though it's good iced too!) It really has such a comforting and relaxing taste prepared hot with milk. I love that these powders are unsweetened, so I can choose to just add a little bit of sugar (which also really brings out the flavors in the flavored options.) I've also tried the banana hojicha, which I loved, and I look forward to trying the other flavors. I definitely recommend this if you're already a fan of matcha - it's definitely different, but the same easy prep and delicious result!

Michael Spaulding
Hojicha powdered tea review

I knew when I started reading about Hojicha that I was going to love it. It has a rich, nutty flavor, similar to teas I couldn't pronounce while stations in Korea. Hojicha has the power to take me back there and recall good memories. We've tried the banana Hojicha as well and it is fantastic too. The banana mellows the whole flavor out, and hides the hojicha a bit. The household is split a bit, with my partner preferring the banana Hojicha, and myself favoring the unflavored.

At time of writing, we've already placed a second order for significantly more flavors. Can't wait until it arrives!

Tom S.
Tastes similar to black tea

Tastes very similar to black tea, I really like it. I prefer the honey lemon over the original, but it's still really good.