Banana Hojicha Powder

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    Nutty, Creamy, Sweet

    Tastes just like freshly baked banana bread, our banana hojicha is a unique spin on a classic flavor. Hojicha's naturally smooth nutty undertones make this taste like a dessert in a cup (without the calories).

Customer Reviews

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Cierra Mercier
Comforting real banaba!

First time trying hojicha and I LOVE this one! Toasty, warm, nutty, and a real ripe banana taste!

I don’t like raw, real banana but love the taste of banana and this has it in the best way!

I ordered 3 matchas and one hojicha and this is in my top 2!

How I prepare: hot-ish water and sifted hojicha, mix, then add hot vanilla CHOBANI oat milk (I use unsweetened then just add a touch of agave), and a dash of CHOBANI sweet cream creamer. YUM!

Banana Foster

Stepping out of my purist comfort zone to try this flavored, powdered version of the latte I generally adore. If it's flavored and powdered I generally only trust 3 Leaf to make sure it's not full of ****. Preparation is whisking in hot water and then adding warmed-up vanilla oat milk. But first! Let's talk about the dry aroma. It reminds me of the Banana Foster dessert. Roasted banana. Caramelized banana. Delicious BANANA. So much banana. The flavor felt a little off at first but as I've gotten further into the session I've really taken a liking to it. The roasty / toasty notes of the hojicha mix incredibly well!

Really Exceptional!

This was my initiation into the world of Hojicha and it's WONDERFUL! The banana flavor is authentic and, when made with milk (per the directions on the package) it makes a perfect dessert beverage. I usually make two servings at a time and my only regret is that your Banana Hojicha isn't available in larger quantities - maybe a 3 oz or 5 oz bag. Delicious!!

Angela P.

Make sure you mix it well to really experience the banana taste. Trust me, it’s much better to take the extra time to mix it properly than to have clumps. It was my first time trying hojicha and it was delicious!

Sherry O.

This banana flavored Hojicha is fantastic! I can't decide which I enjoy more: the matcha or Hojicha. It's toasty and delicious like a really nutty, toasted banana bread. I'll be back for more.