Banana Hojicha Powder

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    Nutty, Creamy, Sweet

    Tastes just like freshly baked banana bread, our banana hojicha is a unique spin on a classic flavor. Hojicha's naturally smooth nutty undertones make this taste like a dessert in a cup (without the calories).

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mischa M.

I love it! My favorite flavor of hojicho ever!

Belinda G.

I love the Banana Hojicha! It has this nutty, coffee, hot chocolate creamy feel to it that is relaxing. I whisk mine and add a Tbls. of cream of coconut and a Tbls. of cream (which is how I drink most of my matchas). Yum.

Andrea W.

I’ve trie birthday cake, blueberry, cardamom and coconut regular matcha. The banana Hojicha is my favorite so far. Very flavorful and smooth. I usually do mine iced with cream and sugar. I have 4 other flavors in my freezer and decided on the banana hojicha first. Glad I did!

Angela P.

Make sure you mix it well to really experience the banana taste. Trust me, it’s much better to take the extra time to mix it properly than to have clumps. It was my first time trying hojicha and it was delicious!

Sherry O.

This banana flavored Hojicha is fantastic! I can't decide which I enjoy more: the matcha or Hojicha. It's toasty and delicious like a really nutty, toasted banana bread. I'll be back for more.