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Cardamom Matcha

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Cardamom Matcha Review
  • Rich, aromatic cardamom matcha awakens your senses with each sip. A spice typically used in the middle east for both sweet dishes and teas, cardamom is often described as having a piney, but crisp fruity flavor, with a complex aroma.

    With certain spices, especially stronger ones like cardamom, it's easy to have the spice become the star of the show. We've made sure to balance the cardamom flavor, so with every sip, the spice gently lingers but also plays together with the matcha base.

    We source genuine Japanese matcha direct from Shizuoka and blend every one of our flavors without sugar.

    Tasting Notes: Aromatic, Warm, Distinct

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

smooth, subtle taste of spice, always use a battery whisk to get a long lasting crema whether hot/cold water. I would buy this again.

Katrina W.

As both a cardamom and matcha lover, I thought this was fantastic! Loved it!

Louella B.

This matcha has a nice kick! Love it!

Julia M.

This is my absolute favorite flavor! It’s unlike any matcha I’ve tasted and I will definitely be ordering more.

Kimberly P.

The flavor is very bright and goes well with the fall season.