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Banana Matcha Review

  • Smooth, premium-grade matcha infused with the creamy, sweet taste of banana that will take you on a mental vacation to the tropics. Oftentimes, banana-flavored products, don't actually taste like a real banana. We hear you. That's why we took extra time to ensure this blend tastes just like the real deal. We think the reviews speak for themselves.

    We start with fresh, Japanese matcha, imported directly from Shizuoka, and carefully blend each flavor in small batches making sure it complements, not overpowers, matcha's unique taste. The result? Smooth, sugar-free matcha that tastes just how nature intended.

    Tasting Notes: Tropical, Creamy, Sweet

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
William Jasper
Amazing product

1. Like most people I don’t give a **** about writing reviews, just buy a product and be on my way. Nor did this company send me any “review your purchase!” Emails or offer any discount for a review.
2. I would eat dirt if it was banana flavored

This is the ONLY product I could find online for “banana matcha” so it could be way less quality and still be the best on the market. This product is worth the money and they probably could charge more. It mixes great! The taste IS banana, not overly flavored like candy but definitely present which I love! I emailed them to talk about the product and they emailed back almost instantly. The product arrived in probably 1-2 days. Like most people I’d usually just stick to Amazon if I want to buy something regularly but I will definitely be repurchasing from this brand when I’m out. 5/5

Sherry O.

The banana matcha is delicious! The aroma out of the package smells like authentic, green, not-quite-ripe banana. Once brewed, it smells like creamy banana- and the taste, Yum! Real banana favor cuddled up with a delish matcha. Truly helping me stay away from my beloved- but far less healthy- banana bread.

Robin R.

Both teas have a rich flavor. They mix easily and taste delicious. If you love matcha, you will want to try these teas.

Allison H.

Very good quality of matcha love the flavour. Has become one of my favourites

Sharlyn Ramirez

Banana-flavored food items are always tough for me. I feel like they don’t ever quite taste like real bananas, but to me this matcha flavor came very very close. The smell is great and the flavor is growing on me.