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    Nutty, Smooth, Chocolate

    Looking for a chocolatey treat, that's delicious and also good for you? Our chocolate hojicha is flavored using all-natural chocolate extract to give it that chocolate flavor without the sugar. Great hot or iced.

Customer Reviews

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Raina Angelier
Chocolate Hojicha Review

I've tried several delicious varieties from 3 Leaf, and while the Chocolate Hojicha is tasty, it's not my favorite. It has a nice, smooth chocolate taste, but also has a slight floral undertone in my opinion. I'll definitely continue to drink it in an iced latte, but I prefer the banana hojicha when I'm aiming for less caffeine. The coconut and raspberry matcha are my favorites so far.

Mary Elizabeth

I recently had to give up coffee and this hojicha is a great low-caffeine replacement. The chocolate is rich without being overly sweet--I definitely recommend!

Michael Spaulding
Amazing flavor

We've tried the Banana, Chocolate and Unflavored options so far, and it's a toss up between which flavor I like more between Banana and Chocolate.

The chocolate, when used to make a hot latte, tastes like an earthy, complex hot chocolate, with a better consistency. I find hot chocolates in general to be really sweet and heavy, but the chocolate hojicha brings all the best parts of hot chocolate, with a nuance of its down.

We drink this a few times a week and don't plan on stopping anytime soon

Mischa M.

The hojicha is really great! Nutty and smoky. I prefer the banana flavor but chocolate is good too!

Andrea W.

I like the hojichas (banana and chocolate) better than regular matchas!