What's matcha made of?

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Matcha = Ground Up Green Tea

What is matcha made from? The most common answer is ground up green tea leaves, so if you guessed this, you’d be half right. If you guessed camellia sinensis, you'd also be correct. Camellia sinensis, or tea plant, is the mother of all true teas. Black tea, white tea, green tea, oolong tea, and pu-erh; all teas are grown from the same type of plant. 

pile of green matcha on bamboo tray

Of these, matcha is the only type of tea that is made with powered tea leaves, which doesn't need to be steeped like the others. The green tea leaves destined to become matcha are called tencha, which are grown carefully in the shade to avoid over exposure to the sun, which can turn the tea leaves bitter.

How to Prep

Traditionally, matcha is put in a bowl with hot water and frothed with a bamboo whisk - none of which is necessary when making other kinds of loose teas. Matcha can also be made by adding the powder into a blender, shaking it in a shaker cup, or even mixing it into your favorite yogurt! Since matcha doesn't have to be steeped, it's easy to incorporate into many drinks and treats.

Because it’s derived from camellia sinensis, matcha is technically a tea but it’s unique preparation methods also set it apart from the rest. At 3 Leaf Tea, matcha holds a special place in our heart but the differences between different types of teas are important and should be appreciated. Whatever kind of tea is in your cup is personal; for your tea-journey, and your wellbeing.


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