Introducing... Matcha Reserve!

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This special harvest was grown and imported just for us, by Mr. Saito, straight from Yame, in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. We are so happy to be the first company in America to bring you this incredible matcha. Upon opening the bag, you'll smell the rich, smooth chocolatey aroma, and see the beautiful deep green color. Once prepared, this ceremonial grade matcha has a complex nutty, but smooth vegetal taste. As the matcha cools, the subtle chocolate notes become more apparent. 

Every Fall and Spring Mr. Saito takes tea leaves from his crop to have them analyzed and then, based on the lab results, adjusts the water, fertilizer, and nutrients in the soil in order to ensure the best possible tea crop. When we first tasted this matcha back in the Spring, we were blown away by the quality and knew we had to share this incredible tea with all of you. 

Meet the farmer, Mr. Saito! (translated interview)

Japanese Tea Farmer Fertilizing Tea Fields

How long have you been growing tea?

  • "Well, tea-growing started with my grandfather, so its been 3 generations. This is my 45th year growing tea. We've been doing it for maybe 90 years altogether."

What's your favorite part of growing tea?

  • "I like to see my customers enjoying tea and saying how good it is. I like delivering tea packed with energy and power to people. If people feel happy drinking my tea, then I'm happy too."

What's so special about this matcha?

  • "We started growing matcha 3 years ago. It's still a small venture for us. The type of matcha we are growing now is called Okumidori (it means "deep green") and this variety has been around for 45 years. It came out right when I started growing tea... this is the first time we are growing it though."


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