Is A Matcha Whisk Necessary To Make Matcha?

September 27, 2018

Do I need a whisk to enjoy and prepare my matcha at home?

One of the questions we get very often is “How do I prepare my matcha at home?” and “Do I really need that whisk?” The answer is not a simple “yes or no” but rather an “it depends.”

Understanding the Traditional Whisk

Traditional matcha is prepared with a bamboo whisk, called a chasen. This whisk is carved from one piece of bamboo and is uniquely designed to aggravate the finely ground tea leaves until they are fully suspended. Using a brisk “W” or “M” motion, you simply mix your matcha and water in your bowl (called a chawan) until the matcha is frothy and thus suspended. (NOTE: because matcha is the entire tea leaf ground up finely, it will not entirely dissolve. Once mixed, some settling may occur.)

Why use a bamboo whisk, when I have a metal whisk at home?

Since matcha is ground very fine, it has a tendency to clump up when exposed to liquids. A traditional bamboo whisk has many more prongs than a standard baking whisk which helps suspend and separate the matcha quickly, without clumps. We also recommend sifting matcha before use for the smoothest cup possible. 

Although we feel traditional matcha preparation lends the best experience, not all of us have time, or want to invest in additional tools to make a cup at home.

Here are some easy ways to prepare matcha on the go

  1. Shake it - Our premium grade matcha (both flavored and unflavored) works great when you simply add it to your water bottle and give it a good SHAKE. Want to make a latte instead? Just add milk instead of water into your bottle. For an extra smooth experience, use a bottle that has a stainless steel wire ball to help the matcha and milk mix together. Just remember to shake it throughout the day because settling of the tea leaves will occur.
  2. Blend it - Want something a little creamier, thicker, sweeter? Measure equal parts of matcha and sugar (or your favorite sweetener) and add a cup of milk with some ice to your blender. This is harder to achieve than the simple shake method but once it’s all blended up, pour it into your bottle or glass and you are good to go. (NOTE: if you want your latte to be a little bit sweeter, add a little more sugar or try less matcha. The ratio is unique to everyone).
  3. Whisk it - Don’t have a bamboo whisk at home or need to make matcha in a pinch? Although we typically don't recommend this option since it doesn't create the smoothest cup, sometimes you have to use what's available. Use a stainless steel kitchen whisk or fork to vigorously stir your matcha. Just remember to sift the matcha before use to make your experience as clump-free as possible. 
  4. Froth it - Making a latte and there’s no time for the blender?  Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! With this fun, yet simple milk frother all you have to do is add your matcha, sweetener (optional) and insert the frother. (NOTE: this does not heat up the milk, just stirs the content.)

Those are just some of our favorite way to prepare matcha without a whisk.  But why stop there? You could always…

  1. Add it to your smoothie - With 10x the amount of antioxidants as normal green tea, matcha is a great addition to all of the other great fruits and veggies you’re already adding to your morning smoothies.
  2. Sprinkle it on top of your favorite snack - Matcha is an excellent addition to yogurt (regular or greek), oatmeal, cottage cheese, ice cream, pudding, applesauce.  The list is endless.
  3. Cook with it -  Add our premium matcha to your favorite baked recipes.

Remember, these are just some of the many ways that you can prepare and enjoy matcha at home without your own chasen. Matcha is an amazing and versatile stone ground tea that can be prepared in so many simple ways. Have other matcha questions? Don't hesitate to reach out or, post a comment below!

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