How much sugar is in matcha?

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How much sugar does matcha contain? Just because it's matcha, doesn't mean it's sugar free. Some cafes use matcha that's already pre-sweetened, so even if you order matcha "unsweetened" it still contains sugar.

Comparison of different matcha latte's sugar content

Pure Matcha

100% Japanese grown matcha should never have any sugar in it, or any pure tea for that matter. Matcha is made by finely grinding tencha, a type of green tea. After the leaves are harvested and dried, they are then ground using heavy stone mills to make a very fine powder. When purchasing matcha, always make sure you know where it comes from, and what ingredients are contained in the final product. 

Matcha Blends

Sometimes, matcha is blended with sugar or other fillers. These products, while they do contain matcha, there's often a small amount. If you are looking for the health benefits of matcha, look for a product that contains 100% matcha. Several cafes will use a matcha blend, to hide the taste of low quality matcha, since the mixes are already pre-sweetened. When in doubt, always ask to see the nutrition facts.

Our promise

At 3 Leaf Tea we believe in sourcing only the highest quality ingredients. We import matcha direct from farms in Japan and blend each of our flavors at our company headquarters, in Auburn, NY. All of our premium, flavored blends have zero sugar or fillers. 


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