How Much Matcha To Use Per Cup

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Many store-bought teas often come in teabags. While teabags are convenient for brewing and clean up, they provide no real reference on how much of a powdered, loose tea like matcha should be used when preparing a beverage. Unlike other teas, there is no steep time for matcha. The flavor directly correlates to how much tea is used and what kind of beverage you’re making. We have a few tips to help you decide the perfect amount of matcha to use in your next drink.

matcha powder being measured

The standard amount

A typical serving of matcha is 1 tsp. per 8 oz of water, milk or milk substitute. These are the amounts listed on our product packaging and our website. They are also commonly used measurements in cafes and tea shops that deal with matcha. 

A little less

A single tsp. of matcha in 8 oz. of water might taste a little too strong. Reducing the matcha to 1/2 tsp. might be the perfect amount for you. To start, try adding 1/2 tsp. then mixing your drink. It’s easy to add more if the flavor is too weak. Keep in mind that matcha will taste slightly different in water-based drinks versus milk-based drinks. Even if 1/2 tsp. is perfect for an iced matcha, adjustments might be necessary for a matcha latte.

A little more

Unlike water, 1 tsp. of matcha mixed into milk-based drinks might not have enough flavor. If this is the case, we recommend adding up to 2 tsp. of matcha for lattes. Adding more matcha will increase settling at the bottom of your cup (however, a quick stir will temporarily solve any settling problems). 

Just as everyone’s tea journey is different, the standard amount of matcha might vary from person to person. Experimenting and trying new ways to enjoy matcha is part of what makes matcha interesting. We hope you have fun finding your perfect proportions!


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