Fruity Matcha Soda

November 11, 2020

Fruity Matcha Soda
Craving something bubbly, slighty sweet, with a little caffeine and no sugar? Matcha paired with sparkling canned water is the perfect solution. Feel free to experiment with different flavors of both matcha, and water to make your own unique combo. For this recipe, we used a lemoncello flavored sparkling water, paired with raspberry matcha.

1/2 tsp 3 Leaf Tea Matcha (any flavor!)
1 - 12 oz Can Sparkling Water
2 oz Warm Water

In a small bowl or wide mug, whisk 1/2 tsp matcha into 2 oz of warm water. Set aside. Fill tall glass with ice, top with sparkling water, then matcha, and stir to combine.

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