Original Hot Chocolate

Our original hot chocolate blend is a classic. Smooth, rich cacao sweetened to perfection.


Pure cane sugar, organic raw cacao


Hot Chocolate (makes 1 cup)

Pour 2 oz. hot water into a cup. Add 2 tbsp. of hot chocolate and whisk until well blended. Top off with 6 oz. of warm, frothy milk.

Frozen Hot Chocolate (makes 2 cups)

Fill a 16 oz. cup with ice. Pour milk over ice to the top of the cup. Add contents to a blender with 4 tbsp of hot chocolate mix. Blend until smooth and serve. 

Why do we use raw cacao?

Unlike cocoa powder which uses high heat for processing, cacao powder is made by cold-pressing the beans. We believe this low-heat process helps retain more enzymes and antioxidants in the finished product. Read about the differences between cacao and cocoa here

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