Our Mission

To help others feel vibrant... one cup of matcha at a time.

Matcha Latte

Why buy from us?

We started by traveling to Japan, tasting matcha from dozens of farms to find the best, and importing their matcha directly to us. Then, we found ways to keep our matcha as fresh as possible, going the extra mile to ensure quality. Simply put, we believe in providing nothing short of the best possible matcha experience. Whether you’re a matcha lover or trying it for the first time, our matcha will taste great and make you feel vibrant.

What does it mean to feel vibrant?

It means embracing a more satisfying, energetic, and productive lifestyle; being full of vigor and movement. It means investing in the connection between your body and your mind. Vibrancy means experiencing the mood-boosting health benefits of matcha, like antioxidants and amino acids. From the beginning, our mission has been to bring together customers who have been looking for a way to help them feel vibrant. We are building a community of matcha drinkers who strive to improve themselves one cup at a time. Come join us! 

Our commitment to quality means we guarantee all of our products, 100%. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, please contact us here.

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