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Top 5 things (I wish I knew) before traveling to Japan

December 28, 2018

tokyo rainbow bridge

1. Bring your own hand towels: Not all places in Japan have paper towels or driers for drying your hands after using the restroom. So, if you want dry hands after washing, just bring your hand towels instead.

2. Ordering food is a breeze: Not familiar with Japanese food? No problem! Most places either have a photo of all of the menu items, or a plastic version of the dishes so you can visually see how everything looks, before ordering. Placing an order can be as simple as pointing to whatever picture or product looks the best.

Plastic food

3. Credit cards aren't accepted everywhere: Since Japan is mostly a cash country, don't expect to be able to use your credit card in most places. Plan ahead, and bring plenty of yen before you travel. 

4. No tipping: Although it's customary in the United States, tipping in Japan is not expected. If you do leave a tip, it might be refused. 

5. Escalator Etiquette: In Japan, escalators are dived in two. One side is reserved for standing still, the other side remains clear. If you are running late, and need to rush, you can ensure one side will always be clear so you can make it to your destination in time.

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