Matcha's Impact on the Environment

December 04, 2019

Matcha is a stoneground tea that is commonly used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Unlike regularly grown tea, it is shaded during the last part of its growing season, so it has high chlorophyll levels which increases its overall nutritional value.

Minimal Waste

Since the whole tea leaf is used, there is almost no waste when Matcha tea is prepared for drinking. After the shaded Matcha is harvested, the stems and vines are removed from the leaves then ground extremely fine. Therefore, there is almost no waste when this tea is made. According to Nutritionix, the unique processing method of using the whole plant also increases its caffeine levels and antioxidant levels.

Direct From the Farm

You may be aware of the hype that many premium coffee companies put on how their product is sourced. The same is true of Matcha tea. When it is sourced from local growers, the family farmer and the people they employ enjoy a higher level of economic security. When they feel secure, they are then willing and able to be better stewards of their environment. According to Biarte Coffee, a farmer who can achieve economic sustainability will be able to provide environmental sustainability. Fairtrade versus direct trade coffee should be an essential consideration when you are considering which brand of coffee to drink. It should also be an important consideration when choosing which brand of Matcha tea to enjoy.

Whole Plant Not Needed

While the entire Matcha plant can be ground to make a healthy tea, the whole plant is not needed. Farmworkers can harvest just the leaves while leaving the plant in the ground. Matcha is one of the longest living plants used for food. They can continue growing for up to 50 years, so each plant can be harvested numerous times. This helps to protect the environment because heavy equipment that produces pollution has fewer trips to make across the field.

Matcha tea has long been enjoyed in Japan, and its benefits are being learned about across the world. The tea made from Matcha leaves is exceptionally healthy for you, and it tastes great too. You can enjoy it a little more knowing that it is also can be raised in environmentally friendly ways by farmers who genuinely want to take care of their land.

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