Forgotten Progress.

December 07, 2019

I remember importing my very first matcha shipment, to prepare for 3 Leaf Tea's grand opening online. I decided to start with a small shipment since I was new to the whole importing process. When the package arrived, I was so excited. This is the start of a new business! I'll blow through this shipment in no time! Worst case, if I run out of stock too quickly I can order some more right?

That didn't happen. 5 months into my new venture, I had barely gone through half of my matcha. Because it was sitting so long, I had to throw it all away. I felt frustrated, stressed and most of all, I felt like a failure. If I couldn't go through such a small shipment in that time frame, how will I even continue to be in business?

Fast forward to today. I was placing an order from Japan for more matcha when it dawned upon me... I'm going through the same amount of matcha (that took me months to go through) in a day. If my future self had told my past self that this would happen, I wouldn't have considered myself a failure at all.

Worrying about throwing old inventory away is not something I think about as a measurement for success... So why have I forgotten?

I think often times we forget how much progress we've made, especially when we have a lot going on. We forget the stresses and issues we faced in the past since new ones came to replace those.

I once read in a book to write down as many of your personal accomplishments as you can think of. Example: graduating from school, getting your license, moving to a new place, etc. It's easy to lose track of those, so having a visual to monitor your progress is sometimes helpful.

Never forget your accomplishments... even the little ones (that don't seem to matter) are huge. We all start somewhere. 💪

- Luciana 

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hand holding bamboo whisk over bowl of matcha

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