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Clumpy Matcha? Tips for a smooth cup!

November 07, 2018

Why is my matcha clumpy?

If you’re making matcha at home and it keeps clumping, don’t worry - you’re not alone.  This is one of most common complaints we get. Here are a couple things to keep in mind if this is happening to you.

First - What kind of matcha are you using? Not all matcha is created equal - our premium grade matcha is ground a little coarser than our ceremonial grade, which means it can be enjoyed without sifting first. If you are enjoying our ceremonial grade matcha, we recommend sifting the desired amount of matcha into a bowl first, adding a little water and then using your chasen for a perfectly smooth cup. (If you have questions about the difference between the two, just ask us here!)

flavored matcha

Second - How are you preparing it? If you are using a metal kitchen whisk or a fork/spoon, these utensils might lead to clumping. Since matcha is a suspension, the finely ground tea leaves need a lot of brisk motion in order to create a smooth cup. We recommend using a traditional bamboo whisk, a chasen. (If you don’t have one or are preparing your matcha on the go, check out our blog post on how to prepare your match without a whisk here!)

Third - What's your technique? Because matcha is the entire tea leaf stone ground, it never dissolves. We find that using an “M” or “W” motion when whisking the matcha works best. The quicker you whisk, the better! 

Properly preparing matcha can make a huge difference. With these simple tips, you are on the right track to enjoying quality matcha without clumps at home or on the go. 

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