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Can I make Matcha In a Keurig?

November 20, 2018

One of the questions we’ve gotten several times is “Can I make matcha in my Keurig?” To answer that question, although it is possible, we don't recommend it – here’s why:

First – Because the Keurig is targeted for coffee drinks, the water it uses is much hotter than the water needed to make matcha. Due to its delicate nature, matcha should be prepared in water 175° or cooler. If you prepare your matcha in water that is hotter/warmer, you may notice an unpleasant or bitter flavor. This is your tea ultimately being “burned.”

Second – Since matcha is the entire tea leaf finely ground; there is no steeping process. Rather, you whisk, blend or shake the powder until it is suspended into the water. If you are trying to use the reusable cup that the Keurig offers, the flavor will be muted (if present at all). By using this reusable cup you are also losing all of the additional health benefits matcha holds.

With that said, if you need to whip up matcha and a Keurig is the only machine available, you could use it to heat up water, and then in a separate bowl, whisk up your matcha. If you are using this method, we do recommend either letting the water sit for a few minutes to cool, or transferring the water a couple times into another mug to help speed up the cooling process. 

We hope this helps!

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