Is your matcha... Fake!?

April 29, 2020

Authentic matcha - is your matcha fake?

Coffee is ground from beans – matcha is ground from leaves. And like coffee beans, the leaves used in matcha vary in quality, type, and source.

Authentic Matcha - Raspberry Matcha

True matcha is ground exclusively from tencha leaves. Once harvested, these leaves are de-vined and have their stems removed in order to produce an even and consistent grind size. Other matcha purveyors sometimes cut in lesser green tea leaves such as sencha. This lowers the quality of their matcha. But 3 Leaf Tea only trades directly with producers who use 100% tencha leaves. 

Though most matcha comes from China, we source ours from Japan. Japan has stricter agricultural standards than China – in fact, Japan’s farming standards are even stricter than those in the United States. So, if you’ve heard any concerns about lead or radiation in regard to tea, please be assured that our products at 3 Leaf are safe.

We are a small, local shop with a full commitment to quality – and we are tenacious about tencha!